A personal management app for increasing productivity and performance
UX/UI Case study

About the app

Peacock has been shown to increase productivity and performance, helping individuals to reach their goals by utilizing their time and energy more efficiently and effectively.

The Problem

Time management is a complex thing, especially in our multitasking life. No matter how ambitious we are, no matter how far our dreams goes, we all have the same defined time frame - 24 hours a day. Without proper time management skills - many of us feel we just have no time.

The Solution

In order to help individuals master time management principles and increase productivity, I developed a concept for an app that strive to change the outlook of people on their time usage. The app monitors user's activity and defined goals and assist in attaining desired results more efficiently.

User Research

To fully understand the commonness of this issue, I created a Google Form which i distributed across Facebook and WhatsApp groups, asking time suffering people about their use of time and its satisfaction in order to achieve their goals.

Out of 82 Participants..


Would like to make a better use of their time in order to achieve their goals


Say their biggest pain point with keeping up with their goals is lack of time


Keep up with goals when they arranged and organized for them

User Persona

Competetor Analysis

To Do


Systematic and methodical tracking of activities.
Categorization and prioritization of tasks.
Can be synced with other applications.


Analysis of activity and distribution data.
Goals tracking.
System recommendations for productivity improvement.

Information Architecture

User Flow


Service Concept

Peacock concept means 'you just have to spray your feathers and you can achieve everything' - just like a peacock. The symbol consist of circles indicating our life's tasks that turns into 'V' in purpose to express accomplishment.

UI Design

My mission was to create an environment that would make users feel calm and confident. In order to emphasize the user's activity colors, I assumed that the app would do better as a white label, I aimed for scaleble and clean design.

Home Screen

The primary function of the Home screen is to manage and track daily schedules. Additionally, users can customize application settings, manage their account, and add tasks for specific dates. The application provides several options for adding new tasks through out the interface.

Activity Tracking

The application enables to manage two types of activities: routine tasks and those focused on personal goals. The performance analysis feature provides a comprehensive view of activity distribution and goal achievement for a selected month. It also offers suggestions for optimizing productivity and time management to help users achieve their objectives more efficiently.

Alarm Clock

A crucial aspect of living a productive lifestyle is starting the day on time and with a clear focus. To facilitate this, the application features a smart alarm that syncs with the user's schedule, taking on the responsibility of morning wake-ups calls and keeping them on track.


The Calendar feature enables efficient tracking and management of schedules with a monthly view. It also allows for weekly activity planning, suggesting optimal ways to combine work time on personal goals, while providing clear indications of weekly goal progress as per user-defined settings.

Next Project

A smart hotel operation platform for optimized task and guest experience management.

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